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In 1965, a group of five Purchasing Directors from different Ontario universities and colleges met at the University of Waterloo to discuss issues of common interest.

Now, more than 45 years since the original gathering, the Ontario Universities Procurement Managers Association (OUPMA) has matured into an active association of all Ontario universities along with affiliate’s members from colleges within the province.

The association promotes strategic supply, co-operative procurement and the ethical exchange of information between its members and affiliates. We strive to share best practices, and utilize the strengths of the few to benefit the group as whole.

The association members meet twice annually to discuss such issues as provincial and federal tax regulatory issues, collaborative procurement opportunities, sustainability, changes in procurement strategies, technology and items unique to the educational environment.

The association members and affiliates are actively involved in many co-operative purchasing ventures at the local, regional, provincial and national level.

The association originally published its own newsletter and now takes advantage of electronic communication to interact with each other on a daily basis. A website was launched to ensure swift communication between those represented, our collective supplier base, and other interested parties.

O.U.P.M.A. has spearheaded major purchasing research initiatives such as commodity and organizational benchmarking. The group continues to work with our research colleagues to help streamline multi institutional research agreements and acquisitions. The association represents its members in advocacy on government task forces, amongst research councils and in the public procurement industry.

The success of the association over the years has been a result of the efforts and dedication of all its members and affiliates. O.U.P.M.A. continues to be a leader in changing the face of higher education procurement and supply management.